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Greeting Message

Greeting Message

The word "INFINI" means "infinite possibility" in French. We named our company "INFINI" with such thought as to keep growing continually from day to day.

Since established, we have been expanding the business widely under the management philosophy as,

Link with the future

We are a member who creates a happy society.
We will unite, keep challenging, and succeed.
This commitment was made to deal with the industrial restructuring and economic environment which is dramatically changing worldwide.
  INFINI will move into the second decade. But now, I believe, is the time to go back to the starting point with our eyes focused on the current of the times.
In order to continue the company for 100 years.
Under such modern society, one more company policy is added, which is.


Attenuation of human relationships, uncertainty of the future….
As a businessmen, I believe that we, in precisely in these time,
should value the importance of human bonds.
For our future and for happiness of our partners, customers, and related government corporation, we enhance our services and our works. Also, we will keep moving forward to become a company whose each and every individual employee feels happy and satisfied.

Kenji Miyazaki CEO